Six Points To Keep In Mind When Hiring IT Contractors

A recent post on the LinkedIn Talent Blog notes that more than 40% of positions today are contingent or contractor positions. Information technology contractors are the freelance computer scientists and programmers who bring specific coding skill sets to companies on a project basis. Information technology is changing rapidly, and it is highly likely that developing applications will require hiring coders with superior IT skills.

Salaried IT Apples And Contracting Oranges

The price of contractors can seem like a premium compared to the salaries of your employees with the equivalent skills. The knowledge that experienced freelance workers bring means they will ask a premium, but they will take care of their healthcare and tax issues themselves, relieving you of the payroll and HR burdens associated with full-time employees on salary.

Your IT staffing agency / in-house HR team might be able to attract and hire the full-time employees for more general IT work, and you may decide to hire contractors as auxiliary workforce to expand your bandwidth and/or add new skills to your software team. Getting your product out to the market before your competitors do means acting fast and remaining flexible by hiring IT contractors.

IT Contractors Have Wandering Eyes

The first thing to consider about this ad hoc employment situation is that contractors are always looking to the horizon, but then again, wouldn’t you be? The monthly income that would be a bankable certainty for salaried employees is usually perceived by freelancers as a pipeline, one that they have to continuously and proactively fill to ensure that they don’t run short during slow times.

IT Contractors Face Different Hiring Challenges

The experience that IT contractors have during the hiring process is often less than perfect. The Talent Blog post points out that contractors face mismatched assignments and poor communications more often than new full-time hires.

They May Be Open To Long-Term Offers

IT contractors would often secretly want the security of full-time employment. The projects that you share with them are the perfect opportunity to decide if they are a good fit for your organization. Getting to know who your IT contractors are will help you match them to jobs and build a relationship with them for future collaboration, whether it is a continuation of contracting or as a salaried worker.

Contractors Are People Too

Joining a development team when the pressure is on undermines the onboarding process, which can give a sense of isolation and awkwardness and a feeling of not fitting in. Remembering that IT contractors are people too and giving basic respect and motivation will help them to deliver their best work toward your project.

Find The Right Recruiting Partner

When you collaborate with the right contract staffing partner, it will improve the onboarding process for your company and for the contractors you hire. You should care about the experience that freelance workers have because they bring critical skills and the potential for long-term relationships with the people who can keep your development team competitive for future projects.

Having the right IT recruitment partner will ease the hiring process and bring in the most suitable candidates for your project, who will deliver the best possible outcomes and provide the basis for a long-term relationship that gives you the talent on demand when you need it to make the most of your opportunities in the future.

And how do you handle IT contractors within your software team?

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