Why Time-To-Hire Metric Is Critical In Software Project Success

The pressure to find IT talent quickly, and to find specialists in cutting-edge niches means that you have to be competitive on a deeper level; you need the support of a partner that has the connections and experience to find the most qualified candidates in a limited pool of talent, and who does so quickly.

The Process For Rapid Placement

Harvard Business Review noted the accelerating pace of change as “long ago” as 2013. Development approaches such as Agile serve to accelerate the tempo. To compete in such fields, startups and established companies alike need the right talent in place. You have to put your team together rapidly to stay ahead of the technology curve while maximizing your competitive advantages. Assembling the right Agile Team is the only way to deliver growth.

As the hiring manager of a development project or DevOps team, you will be keenly aware of the opposing pressures to vet new members thoroughly but to have them commence writing code as soon as possible. It should be a swift and seamless process to bring the right talent aboard, one that minimizes the time-to-hire.

Third Party Hiring Specialists Bring Experience And Connections

In-house hiring and recruitment process automation is adequate for placing IT staff in positions that may be operationally significant but that do not stretch the boundaries in any way. If you are assembling a team that includes key personnel with skills that are out of the usual range, it will take additional steps and reviews to bring the right ones on board.

The demand for IT personnel with niche skills in the areas that are developing so rapidly, such as IoT, Big Data, and eHealth, is intense. The present condition of the technology talent marketplace puts power in the hands of the most skilled candidates.

You have to find team members quickly to move the project ahead. You need a process in place for smooth and rapid placement, as opposed to dropping or losing candidates who might be in discussions with other recruiters, this means prioritizing the shortest possible time-to-hire measurement for each position.

The job offers that win are the ones drafted and delivered most efficiently; it demands the steady hand of an experienced recruiter that knows the niche and has cultivated the contacts to put workers with employers as rapidly as possible. That is why hiring the top talent is a quicker and more efficient process if you have a recruiting partner that knows the niche in which you intend to develop and can find the right people from around the globe.

Hiring Practices That Emulate The Agile Manifesto

It takes more than technology; the difference is in the experience and knowledge to select your innovation discretely. Technology might provide an elegant architecture to describe and drive your processes and applications, but you still need the architects and developers to create ideas and to put them into action successfully. The right third-party staffing agency will ensure that you bring the people aboard who know your development niche, and with the minimum time-to-hire, to get your project off to a start that keeps you ahead of the competition.

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