Things to Consider Before Hiring a Millennial

Motivation goes a long way. It’s your internal drive. It’s what keeps you going well past your normal work hours. Motivation is certainly key to success. Unfortunately, it’s hard to stay motivated in the workplace. Particularly when the workplace doesn’t offer you much, besides monetary gain or success in career. Millennials are typically not very satisfied with their occupations. Some would say it’s entitlement, I, being a millennial myself, would say that it’s because we want a purposeful and satisfying career. We want to make a difference in the world, but I believe we also want to be changed by our experiences as well. We’re pickier than most.

I think employers need to consider a couple of things before hiring a millennial. I believe a lot of us are actually loyal to the organization or the company that hires us, however, the company may fail to meet our needs in this growing world of technology. Technology in the workplace needs to be incorporated, such as an app that keeps track of timestamps (clocking in and clocking out), organizational apps, apps that help you focus, and others. I am genuinely surprised many companies aren’t maximizing their potential with applications.

Besides incorporating technology, motivational weekly or bi-weekly meetings with my co-workers and my supervisors would be helpful in establishing communication and encouraging collaboration (there’s an app for that, too). This would be a type of meeting that focuses on goals for each individual as well as a team as a whole. If the goals are met and/or exceeded, then we’d get rewards as an individual and as a team. Communication is a big deal. I think a lot of employers lose out on getting to know their employees needs and their areas of strength. The floor needs to be open to creativity in the workplace as well. 

I think the biggest mistake that employers make is dismissing millennials just because they’re millennials. Because they don’t understand them or they don’t try to understand what motivates them. If communication was opened up, I believe a lot of millennials would stick to their companies. We’d break the chain of unloyalty and get dirty. Monetary gain also doesn’t seem that much of a motivational tool for millennials. The biggest motivational tool would probably be friends and family. The biggest regret of the elderly is not being able to spend more time with friends and family because of - wait for it - work. The generation before mine, my parents (the Baby Boomers) are notoriously known for being workaholics. Although it’s not a bad thing, because money does buy you happiness, it certainly doesn’t guarantee it.

I highly encourage employers and employees to work harder at meeting each other’s needs and goals in creative ways. A company is just that - made up of individuals. It’s not a building we commute to make a buck, it’s a place to be together. Let’s get creative and think of ways to better the company and its individuals to raise productivity, and with it, motivation!

Tech blogger with a creative side. She loves to write and contributes on a freelance basis. When not writing, she can be found at various comedy venues in Chicago.

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