How to Plan Software Development Resources Against Project Budget

In order to maximize your project(s) profitability, ensure your software development team has the right capacity to execute project and better manage overtime work, you need to plan your development resources against project budget.

Team Resource Planning Template

One of the effective ways to plan your team resources is to track each team member's individual time to execute a project task / subtask (allocated vs worked hours) against your project / client's budget (% allocated vs worked), or multiple clients / budgets. Our free Team Resource Planning template allows you to plan and record each employee's hours along with their billing rates for better budget transparency and its real-time understanding.

To use our template, you need to

  • download it as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet,
  • enter your project  /client names in the left-hand column under "Project / Client",
  • enter budget for each project under the Budget column,
  • enter your real employee names and their hourly billing rates at the top section of the spreadsheet,
  • for each team member, enter the number of hours they're expected to work on each project, and
  • enter the actual number of hours worked by each employee on the project

As you modify template with your data, budget allocated and budget worked will change automatically, both in USD and %.

Download our free Team Resource Planning template

Have you ever considered a Salary + Management Fee model for your Team instead of hiring IT specialists who bill hourly rates?

To learn about the benefits and why this model adds more transparency and cost-saving to your software project development, just drop us a line and we'll be happy to present this model to you!

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