Developer Hiring Trends of 2017: High Demand, Low Supply Roles

We are now four months deep into 2017, so it’s a good time to look at hiring trends in the job market.

Since we deal with all things tech, we’re going to look at the hiring scene for developers with the help of some recent research data released by Stack Overflow.

Developer Jobs in Demand

The data from Stack Overflow was gathered by reviewing targeting options used by at least 200 companies over a two-year period (which will be summarized in this post).

According to their findings, the fastest growing targets are as follows:

  • ReactJS
  • Docker
  • Ansible
  • Apache Spark
  • System Administration
  • QA

Further, Azure, DevOps, Go, and Automated Tests closely followed. The demand for LAMP, Backbone.js, and AJAX significantly declined during the same period.

Take a look at the chart below to get a clear idea about the changes in demand from 2015 to 2016.

developer hiring trends 2017

Image Source: Stack Overflow


The most popular titles that were targeted by ReactJS developer job postings included the following:

  • Senior UX Developer
  • Full Stack Web Developer
  • Front End Javascript Engineer


The job titles tagged often for Docker included the following:

  • DevOps Engineer
  • Senior Development Automation Engineer
  • Senior Infrastructure Engineer


Popular positions for Ansible included jobs like the following:

  • Cloud Ops Engineer
  • Data Team Manager
  • Linux DevOps Engineer

Apache Spark

With the rise of Big Data, Apache Spark jobs saw an increase in demand for the following positions:

  • Data Developer
  • Director of Engineering
  • Big Data Architect

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System Administration

System Administration is still very much in demand and job postings on Stack Overflow targeted positions like the following:

  • Cloud Engineer
  • Full Stack Infrastructure Engineer
  • Build/Release Engineer


When it comes to Quality Assurance, employers focused on positions that included the following:

  • Manual QA Tester
  • Lead Test Engineer
  • Senior QA Automation Engineer

High Demand, Low Supply

As technology evolves, some skills are losing value and this reaffirms the importance of always updating your knowledge and experience.

So anyone looking to move forward in their career needs to look beyond technologies like WordPress (in fact, WordPress took the biggest hit in the job market) and jQuery.

If you’re a developer looking to rebrand yourself, the areas where the demand heavily outweighs supply are: DBA/SQL, backend web/cloud, iOS, and Android.

If you want to be ahead of the crowd, it’s time to act fast! Check out the chart below of low supply, high demand positions.

high demand and low supply IT skills 2017

Image Source: Stack Overflow

As reflected in the chart above, there are fewer developers to fill the skills gap in the following areas.

Backend Web/Cloud

At present, companies are looking for highly skilled back end developers to take up positions like the following:

  • Data Architect/Engineer
  • Backend Engineer (Python) and Enterprise
  • Quantitative Software Engineer


Although there are a lot of articles out there talking about the end of the smartphone, mobile development is actually thriving. In fact, they can’t even find enough developers to build hybrid apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

However, the primary desire is to find developers who can work well on both platforms. Popular positions in this field are as follows:

  • Senior iOS Developer (with knowledge about Android development)
  • Senior Android Developer (you’ll stand out if you also have experience with iOS)
  • Mobile Developer (for both iOS and Android)
  • iOS Software Engineer
  • Mobile Applications
  • Android Mobile Dev Engineer

So there are plenty of options here to rebrand yourself if you choose to take the mobile development route.


The planet is filled with database developers and administrators, but the demand for these skills far exceeds the current supply of knowledge and experience. As a result, employers are targeting job titles like the following (but this is just the tip of the iceberg):

  • Senior Oracle Database Administrator
  • Database Developer
  • SQL Database Admin/SRE

Like WordPress, Desktop OSX has also become an area that’s now deemed oversaturated. So if your skillset falls along these lines, you really need to look at the supply and demand chart (again) and pick up some new skills.

Although we are talking about developers here, the importance of reinvention and rebranding is now creeping into every field imaginable. Further, with the rise of automation, the race will be on to remain relevant in the workforce.

So techie or not, we can all take something back from the developer job market trends and apply it to our own careers.

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