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We aren't just another recruitment agency! Intersog is a full-fledged software development house with a few proprietary R&D centers in North America and Europe and access to a vast cross-border pool of advanced and senior tech talent that no other local agency can boast! We aim to cover full-cycle staffing and assist with strategic resource planning:
  • Identify the most critical workforce segments of your organization, prioritize segments and limit scope
  • Assess your company's IT workforce needs and identify skills in highest demand
  • Evaluate the talent supply and identify talent patterns, trends and risks
  • Analyze gaps between your talent demand and supply and develop solutions to address shortfalls
  • Develop and implement your IT workforce plan, estimate budget and suggest on the best engagement model to ensure your top line growth and bottom line savings
All insights gained from this process are shared for the next iteration of the plan, which helps improve your responsiveness to IT staffing challenges and business changes through iterative engagement.

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