Roman B.

  • Roman B.

    ( Senior Android Developer )
    Skills: C/C++, C#, J2ME, LWUIT, Android SDK and NDK, SQL, Delphi, QT, TCP, HTTP, XML, MIDP2.0, Boost, GPS, SQLite, Google maps, Google maps v2, Google navigation API, HTML, REST, TCP, HTTP, JSON, XML, Git, Gradle
    Experience: 9+ years
    Availability: 1 Week
    Location: Chicago, IL, United States

I am an Android Developer/Architect with over 9 years experience architecting, designing, developing, testing and supporting Android applications and over 10 years industry experience in software development and team leadership.
I have an expert level knowledge of the Android operating system and am able to work as an architect, a developer and a team lead.
I am able to develop apps for a variety of platforms including phone, tablet, TV and wearables.

I'm a code hungry, self motivated developer. I enjoy being challenged!

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