Oleg K.

  • Oleg K.

    ( Senior iOS Developer )
    Skills: QT5, WebKit, QML, HTML5, HTML, ENYO, CSS, C++, Adwhirl, Admob, Stackmob, Jumptap, Chartboost, ZipArchive, Minizip, Tapjoy, CoreAnimation, QuartzCore
    Experience: 6+ years
    Availability: ASAP
    Location: Chicago, IL, United States

I'm a technology consultant and specialist in mobile application development, web development, software engineering, and design.

I’ve spent years designing the systems, writing the applications, and managing the teams that bring concepts and ideas to life as useful, profitable applications and web sites. Few can equal my background and experience, nor can many match my wide-ranging passion for technology, software development and design.

And I'm ready to join your Team!

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