David С.

  • David С.

    ( IT Security Engineer/ Director )
    Skills: CISSP, CCNA, MCSE – 2003 with Messaging Exchange Server 2003, 2007, 2013 and 2016; Microsoft Server 2008 R2, Microsoft Server 2012 R2 BES 5.5 and 12 ITIL
    Experience: 35+ years
    Availability: ASAP
    Location: London, United Kingdom

An ambitious and dynamic Communications and IT engineer across multiple engineering disciplines, who brings with him a wealth of engineering education and employment experience, from tactical level systems engineer to corporate, strategic level, Director.  Working in a fast-moving, predominantly hostile and high risk, environments, requiring fast thinking, agile and rapidly deployable engineering solutions using state-of-the-art robust technologies, within tight budget and time constraints.   Prides himself on core personal values and standards, leading to effective interpersonal and management skills to get the best of his team, whilst ensuring their own personal welfare and career development needs are identified and catered for.

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