Sprint Planning For Interrupt-Driven Teams

The ability of Agile teams to plan ahead and achieve their goals for a planned sprint differs widely. While some are able to conveniently achieve it without inducing many changes, others may fail to do so. So what should Agile teams do to eliminate changes in their planned sprint?

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how to hire a good data architect

What Makes a Superstar Data Architect

Every job title associated with big data is in high demand these days and command enviable paychecks. But when enterprises spend, they want to be sure that they get real value for their investment, the same is true for the job of data architects.
startup outsource solutions

In-House vs Outsourced Development: Why More Isn't Always Better

It’s better to have a good remote developer rather than a bad local one. At the same time, a great remote developer will be better than a good local one.
HR machine learning algorithms

How to Use Machine Learning to Hire the Best IT Talent

Today, more businesses are embarking on IT staffing and are ready to spend huge budgets on hiring the most appropriate and competent IT personnel. Because competition for human resources is fierce, companies apply non-trivial methods to improve their screening and the quality of new hires.
IP and copyright protection for startups

How Startups Can Protect Their IP and Avoid Legal Issues

This is a reprint of my article published originally in LinkedIn Pulse and featured in Entrepreneurship.  As a startupper, you don’t live in an isolated world; you meet with potential investors and partners, go to networking events and have to share your ideas with peers and established brands to get support and attract funding. And because we all don’t live in a perfect world, the risks are high that someone will steal your idea or concept just because you don’t bother to protect your copyright and intellectual property (IP).
how to hire big data talent

How To Hire For The Right Big Data Skills

The continuing growth of Big Data has created a demand for job candidates with specific skills in data science and software engineering. Hiring for the right set of competencies requires insight and experience in recruiting that comes with practice, and which may not be directly available to startup founders and management teams who need it most.

To DevOps or Not To DevOps: Expert Opinions

Modern agenda requires that software developers significantly shorten their development processes across all stages from ideation to release. More and more customers want their projects to be developed yesterday so that no one would be able to copy their ideas today.

How Angular 2 and Dart Breathe New Life Into Front-End Development

Have you ever played bullshit bingo at a very boring front-end developers conference?

Agile Is Dead, Long Live Agile!

According to William, "Agile has reached a critical mass of name recognition which, because of its very popularity, has doomed itself to the trash bin of the outdated and out-of-style.

My Recipe For Successful Offshore Agile Team Management

Having gained a hands-on experience with building from scratch and managing an offshore Agile team in Ukraine, I've made up my own recipe of successful cross-border collaboration.

IT Job of the Week: Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

According to Wikipedia, "data science is an interdisciplinary field about processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, which is a continuation of some of the data analysis fields such as statistics, data mining, and predictive analytics." In other words, data science combines different methods of analysis of large data volumes and provides tools and artificial intelligence (AI) applications to facilitate and visualize data analyses.

Continuous Integration As a Way to Manage Fears and Concerns

The evolution made our brains evaluate state of affairs on a continuous basis and set up, configure and adjust certain behavior models pertaining to this or that situation.

How to Manage Millennials on Software Development Teams

The millennial generation will make up 75% of the workforce in the next ten years.

How to Successfully Embed Big Data Talent In Health IT Teams

Building highly efficient healthcare Big Data teams is one of the easy steps healthcare decision makers can take to bring eHealth technology to an ultimately new maturity level, add ease of use to the current and to-be-developed solutions and lay out the foundation for effective translation of data insights into healthcare business intelligence (BI).

IT Outsourcing Pricing Models: Fixed Price, Blended Rates or Salary Plus Fee?

In today’s business world many people still associate IT sourcing with cost efficiency and price arbitrage.

How To Establish Release Management Processes For Your Business

The Salesforce release management toolkit is one of the best ones available in the market today, but if you do not follow the vital steps of setting it up, you will definitely have some very bad results.
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