Tech Skills Shortage In Silicon Valley: Myth Or Truth?

There is talk amongst startup founders of a skills shortage in Silicon Valley, is this true? The question is worth looking into because there rapidly comes the point where your startup software company will have to recruit outside talent to do the hard things that deliver your products and services. Yes, is the short answer; the most innovative startups face a skills shortage more than the established companies in the San Jose and Bay areas; the longer answer is yes and no.

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What Makes a Superstar Data Architect

Every job title associated with big data is in high demand these days and command enviable paychecks. But when enterprises spend, they want to be sure that they get real value for their investment, the same is true for the job of data architects.
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In-House vs Outsourced Development: Why More Isn't Always Better

It’s better to have a good remote developer rather than a bad local one. At the same time, a great remote developer will be better than a good local one.
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How to Use Machine Learning to Hire the Best IT Talent

Today, more businesses are embarking on IT staffing and are ready to spend huge budgets on hiring the most appropriate and competent IT personnel. Because competition for human resources is fierce, companies apply non-trivial methods to improve their screening and the quality of new hires.
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IT Job of the Week: Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

According to Wikipedia, "data science is an interdisciplinary field about processes and systems to extract knowledge or insights from data in various forms, either structured or unstructured, which is a continuation of some of the data analysis fields such as statistics, data mining, and predictive analytics." In other words, data science combines different methods of analysis of large data volumes and provides tools and artificial intelligence (AI) applications to facilitate and visualize data analyses. Since early 2010s, data science is considered to be one of the most prospective, promising and highest paid jobs in IT.
IP and copyright protection for startups

How Startups Can Protect Their IP and Avoid Legal Issues

This is a reprint of my article published originally in LinkedIn Pulse and featured in Entrepreneurship.  As a startupper, you don’t live in an isolated world; you meet with potential investors and partners, go to networking events and have to share your ideas with peers and established brands to get support and attract funding. And because we all don’t live in a perfect world, the risks are high that someone will steal your idea or concept just because you don’t bother to protect your copyright and intellectual property (IP).
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How To Hire For The Right Big Data Skills

The continuing growth of Big Data has created a demand for job candidates with specific skills in data science and software engineering. Hiring for the right set of competencies requires insight and experience in recruiting that comes with practice, and which may not be directly available to startup founders and management teams who need it most.

Six Points To Keep In Mind When Hiring IT Contractors

A recent post on the LinkedIn Talent Blog notes that more than 40% of positions today are contingent or contractor positions.

Less Than 40 Percent of Big Data Talent is Skilled in Machine Learning, Research Find

Machine learning has been around for quite a while but it’s regaining popularity these days.

Analyzing IT Staffing To Find The Optimum Ratios

How many IT professionals should you have in your information technology department?

12 Key Metrics That Improve the Quality of Hiring

The process of recruitment has changed dramatically over last few years where metrics directly impact IT hiring. The systems in place weren’t perfect and as a result time and resources got wasted. But as data analytics got more advanced and embedded in HR practices, quality of hire has increasingly come to the forefront as the all-encompassing metric rather than a simple recruitment tool.  It has grown to become much more than just a metric as Quality of Hire is now an essential part of candidate sourcing, enhancement of organizational processes, and performance management.

Why Time-To-Hire Metric Is Critical In Software Project Success

The pressure to find IT talent quickly, and to find specialists in cutting-edge niches means that you have to be competitive on a deeper level; you need the support of a partner that has the connections and experience to find the most qualified candidates in a limited pool of talent, and who does so quickly.

How to Find and Hire Top IT Talent in Vancouver

The IT field is booming in Vancouver with more than 15,500 tech jobs expected to open between now and 2019.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Make IT Hiring Less Biased

The field of hiring has been an art more than a science hsitorically, but that may be about to change as new technology enables companies to employ artificial intelligence (AI).

8 Tips To Work On Large Software Projects More Effectively

I've asked our CTO to share a few tips how to work on complex software development projects more effectively and this post is based entirely on his recommendations.

How Cross-Functional Teams Can Help Break Down Silos

People in software development companies are often faced with cultural obstacles like limited inter-team communication.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Millennial

Motivation goes a long way.

How IoT and Connected Tech Will Be a Game Changer for HR and Hiring

The Internet of Things (IoT) has already started to have an impact on everything.

How Business Process Automation Helps Streamline Online Recruitment

Since early 2000s business process automation (BPA) has penetrated one sphere after another.

Ten Phrases To Avoid When Talking To Your Developers and Testers

Almost each big or small company today hires software developers and other IT specialists as full-time employees to work on internal or custom development projects.

IT Job of the Week: Software Product Manager

If you're already involved in software development as a designer, programmer, tester or another specialist and are looking to upgrade your role and affect the project's lifecycle as well as company's product strategy, you should consider to become a Software Product Manager (SPM).

IT Job of the Week: DevOps Engineer

We're launching a series of weekly posts dedicated to IT jobs.
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