Why Chicago is America's New Best City for Startups

It’s not a secret that Silicon Valley is saturated and the cost of living is basically pricing a lot of people out of the area. This is the primary reason why startups have started to look far and wide for more attractive options. The story is also the same when it comes to venture capitalists.

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how to hire a good data architect

What Makes a Superstar Data Architect

Every job title associated with big data is in high demand these days and command enviable paychecks. But when enterprises spend, they want to be sure that they get real value for their investment, the same is true for the job of data architects.
startup outsource solutions

In-House vs Outsourced Development: Why More Isn't Always Better

It’s better to have a good remote developer rather than a bad local one. At the same time, a great remote developer will be better than a good local one.
HR machine learning algorithms

How to Use Machine Learning to Hire the Best IT Talent

Today, more businesses are embarking on IT staffing and are ready to spend huge budgets on hiring the most appropriate and competent IT personnel. Because competition for human resources is fierce, companies apply non-trivial methods to improve their screening and the quality of new hires.
IP and copyright protection for startups

How Startups Can Protect Their IP and Avoid Legal Issues

This is a reprint of my article published originally in LinkedIn Pulse and featured in Entrepreneurship.  As a startupper, you don’t live in an isolated world; you meet with potential investors and partners, go to networking events and have to share your ideas with peers and established brands to get support and attract funding. And because we all don’t live in a perfect world, the risks are high that someone will steal your idea or concept just because you don’t bother to protect your copyright and intellectual property (IP).
how to hire big data talent

How To Hire For The Right Big Data Skills

The continuing growth of Big Data has created a demand for job candidates with specific skills in data science and software engineering. Hiring for the right set of competencies requires insight and experience in recruiting that comes with practice, and which may not be directly available to startup founders and management teams who need it most.

To DevOps or Not To DevOps: Expert Opinions

Modern agenda requires that software developers significantly shorten their development processes across all stages from ideation to release. More and more customers want their projects to be developed yesterday so that no one would be able to copy their ideas today.

How Startups Hire Talent, Build Teams and Solve Software Development Issues In 2017

A Hungarian software development company Coding Sans has just released Startup Edition of their State of Software Development Report 2017 and I'd like to share with you some of its most interesting and unexpected highlights in case you've missed it.

Developer Hiring Trends of 2017: High Demand, Low Supply Roles

We are now four months deep into 2017, so it’s a good time to look at hiring trends in the job market.

How Tech Companies Can Counter the Great American Brain Drain

President Trump’s infamous travel ban may have been revised, but it has done little to reassure the tech industry.

How Much Should a Software Startup Budget for Development and Operations?

Launching any new business requires you to figure out your finances.

MEAN vs LAMP: Choosing the Right Stack for a Startup

The MEAN vs LAMP argument has been going on for some time now, and MEAN seems to be winning the popularity contest.

Where to Find a Seasoned JavaScript Developer in Chicago

From geolocation-based applications to cool interface elements on websites, JavaScript powers both front-end and back-end of some of the most popular high-performance web services and mobile applications.

Should Startups Hire Permanent Employees or Contract Resources?

Startups are usually faced with making a decision about hiring permanent full-time employees or hiring independent contractors.

Why MVP Really Matters For Startups

Are you an entrepreneur with no IT  background who still passionately wants to start a business that depends on technology, even without being an expert in application development?

The Best Ways To Prioritize Your Product Features

In any endeavor to transform an idea into a product, there is a disciplined process that provides a framework for success.

What It Takes To Become a Good Project or Product Manager In IT

If you're a Product and/or Project Manager (PM) working in software development (like myself), you should always look for new opportunities and challenges to do your work better and more efficiently.

Five Things to Look For In a Good VR Development Partner

Virtual Reality (VR) is expected to have a significant impact on almost every industry in the near future.

Where To Find Good Data Analysts In Chicago

The demand for data scientists within the tech industry has skyrocketed in the last couple of years, to the point that Silicon Valley is beginning to manifest shortages.

4 Ways Startups Can Compete for IT Talent Today

Every successful startup that you hear about is made up of a team of talented, motivated, and passionate individuals.

How FinTech Startups Are Competing For IT Talent

FinTech companies are stealing IT talent away from the banking sector with fresh approaches to hiring and the perks associated with technology startups.

How Difficult Is It For a Silicon Valley Startup To Hire a Developer?

Silicon Valley is the mecca for technology zealots and wannabes and to have a chance of getting your startup off the ground you need to find and hire an incredibly talented developer at an affordable rate.
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