Value Proposition For Startups and Small Businesses

Let's face the reality: it’s very difficult for a startup to find and hire competent and experienced software engineers both in Silicon Valley and elsewhere in the United States, but it’s extremely difficult to find the RIGHT Talent who’ll help bring your idea to life quickly, cost-effectively and reliably.

Good tech resources are scarce in Silicon Valley; in addition, over 40% of software engineers aged 31-40 (the most experienced group you should be targeting to run your project on the cutting edge) search for employment outside of Silicon Valley. On the national level, 39% of U.S. employers admit having difficulties hiring the right IT employees because of a huge skills shortage.

Another hurdle many startups are facing today is a very high cost of resources in the United States.

We've been helping startups like you since 2005 with the search for competent and experienced engineers and testers with flexibility to scale if / when your funding situation changes. Alternatively, you may be looking for your startup co-founder and may need a compelling case (e.g. application prototype) to attract other entrepreneurs to invest in your project idea.

You can stop competing for talent with mega-monopoly tech giants and “cool guy” companies that have massively endless resources in North America and start accomplishing your strategic goals today!

Leverage our pool of pre-qualified IT candidates in North America and offshore and get seasoned on-demand resources for your software development and testing!

We are not just another "body shop"! We can both supply talent for your in-house / onshore project development AND take your entire project from the ground up and deliver it on time and on budget. We tend to provide strategic solutions that will help improve your top line growth and bottom line savings.

FYI: Startup’s PR in Silicon Valley as well as office space rent in co-working or business centers (own 600 sq feet office space will cost you over $61,000 per year in Mid-Market, San Francisco; 4 desks in a co-working place will cost you around $24,000 a year), recruitment fees (up to 25% of each developer’s total first year annual earnings) and other expenses literally blow up your startup budgets and make it nearly impossible for your startup to stay ahead of the curve.

Our Special Offer For Startups

Hire a dedicated software developer resource locally or remotely (in Ukraine or Canada) to collaborate with your in-house development team or to work as a standalone R&D unit
Engage your local / offshore / nearshore specialist as a long term commitment or on a sprint / project basis
Pay for your IT resource on a daily or weekly basis
Minimum cancellation period is just one week!
Hire a team of 2+ IT specialists and get 1 project sprint for free (save $10K on your total cost of development)!
Start small and bootstrap, scale and grow your startup with our IT staffing and staff augmentation solutions
Focus on your core competencies / product development, while having us take care of your non-core functions, front-end development, and/or software testing

Our daily rates for advanced developers start at (all taxes and bonuses included, no hidden agenda):

$280 for QA engineer
$400 for JavaScript, Salesforce and PM resources
$440 for PHP, iOS, Android, Magento, DBA, C#/.Net/ASP.Net, Java
$480 for MEAN stack (MongoDB, Expressjs, Angularjs and Nodejs)
Don't like daily rates? Contact us for a custom quote now or use our IT Team Cost Calculator to get a ballpark monthly cost of your resources depending on your preferred location!

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