Strategic IT Staffing Solutions In Chicago and Beyond!

Hire top tech talent (mid-level and advanced staff only) on an hourly, daily or monthly basis.

All candidates are sourced from an exclusive national and international pool of "fresh talent" not seen elsewhere by any local IT recruiter! New resumes are added on a daily basis. We provide mostly mid-level and advanced IT staff only!

Stop being locked into expensive lump sum recruitment contracts. Simply pay as you play!

Intersog is…

Attain your IT staffing goals better, faster and more cost-effectively!

Intersog has been in custom software development business for 12 years and we have always worked at the crossroad of People and Technology - two key aspects of any successful business.

Are you looking to build your Software Development Team from scratch or augment your in-house team by hiring top-notch technology consultants on a contract, contract to hire or full-time basis?

Are you looking to build a cross-functional Collaborative Team remotely to enjoy up to 50% cost savings (compared to your local IT resources) and get access to an exclusive pool of 400,000+ IT specialists of all seniority levels that IS NOT SEEN by any other local agency?

Are you looking to hire on-demand plug and play Project Managers / Scrum Masters to help ramp up your Agile / Lean Team and bring it up to speed and productivity in a very short time span?

Or are you looking for DevOps engineers to help automate your application software development lifecycle and improve collaboration between teams?

Our technology consultants and PM resources can help you build out a new project team, better plan your project resources, add Agile methodologies and practices to your project development, spec out your IT project, oversee your project, conduct due diligence and make sure your IT specialists are motivated, have a shared vision and are committed to your business success.

Whatever the size and scope of your project or your IT staffing needs, feel free to use our 12 years of experience and best practices to make your project rock and deliver ROI!

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